Activity rules:

1、Time: January 31th, 2018 at 00:00. There are 5 hundred thousand of CTE tokens to give away,first come first served!

2、Fill in the wallet address and go into the telegram group so you can get 6.66 CTE tokens. If you invite a friend and add this friend to the group chat, you can get 6.66 CTE tokens. As more people you invite, more tokens you get,send finished stop!

3、The activity of getting CTE tokens is not active yet. After the official registration of the CTE, the awards will be sent to the corresponding wallets. After getting the tokens you can use them freely;

4、[Important!] After the event, we will verify CTE offical telegram group, only the effective members in the group will finally get the rewards.

5、If you have any problems or any doubts, please join in the official telegram group https‭://‬

6、If during the activity there is any user that is involved in any cheating behavior, CTE has the right to cancel the user’s status and to investigate the legal situation if it is necessary;

7、CTE will adjust the activity according to the actual situation. The final interpretation belongs to CTE.